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As a part of our recruitment process, we conduct qualification, criminal and credit checks as well as references check. We also perform technical evaluations. We give up-to-date remuneration trends for all skills and competency levels upon request.

Patel Singh Associates LLC offers clients various resourcing models to outsource the resource functions and have the roles filled. We have a vendor-on premise process wherein we work as the gatekeeper on a particular client site to ensure transparency and efficiency to our clients. We also offer a co-source/outsource solution where we provide a full outsourcing solution where we outsource including premises and infrastructures to clients. This recruitment process is both cost-effective and efficient.

Contracting – Using a Flexible Workforce
As small and flexible company we are renowned for sourcing, placing and managing a workforce of Patel Singh Associates LLC contractors nationally. With this vast experience in recruiting and managing a large independent group of contractors, we boast a high level of service with a recruitment methodology that supports processes and continuously does contractor management, which combines efficiency with strong ethical standards.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Service that is personalized and adapted to the way clients want to do business;

  • A vast database of high-caliber contractors;

  • A variety of recruitment channels ensuring that we find the very best talent;

  • Expertise and exposure at a national level;

  • Dedicated recruitment consultants with both the clients’ and contractors’ interests at heart;

  • Capability testing and benchmarking of all contractors;

  • Extensive experience in the field of Oil and Mining staff augmentation contracting;

  • A proven brand association with a trusted industry profile;

  • Relevant certifications and membership of associations to ensure that our clients and candidates receive only the best service delivery and compliance.

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