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Why should you join us?

With a wide platform of local and international opportunities, Patel Singh Associates LLC gives benefits not only to our clients, but to our contractors, too.


These are:

  • A variety of projects and technologies at work;

  • On-time salary pay;

  • All contract negotiation and administration are handled by Patel Singh Associate LLC on behalf of the client;

  • Regular visits from Patel Singh Associate LLC to create an opportunity for information sharing and feedback;

  • Supply of market and industry trends and information and;

  • Assistance with market opportunities and trends.


At Patel Singh Associates LLC we value our employees and treat them like a family. We make sure that we recognize your hardwork and dedication for our clients and in return we will be giving the best job experience as possible.


Would you like to be a part of our team? send us your resume at


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