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About Patel Singh Associates LLC

Leader Bio:


Kevan Clark is a small business ‘turn-around’ specialist. He brings to the table knowledge and a skillset for implanting sustainable and scalable processes & procedures, applying automation through technology and team leadership models used by Fortune 100 companies, all scaled down for small business. Turning a “mom and pop” driven business into a thriving repeatable business model, primarily focused on customer retention through industry best-practices, that can be employed across multiple locations, is his specialty. Mr. Clark has proven successes for Real Estate Investors (both residential and commercial), restaurateurs, and laundromat owners.

Team Bio:

M. Patel and H. Singh

Having over 36 years of management, human resources and recruitment experience between them , Mr. M. Patel and Mr. H. Singh identified a drastically underserved market, Oil and Mining.  Businesesses in this industry work from rapidly moving contracts. As these Oil and Mining businesses win new contracts and are then faced with the hurdle of having to rapidly staff these time based contracts. The expense and loss to time staffing the right candidates is a major hit to the profitability of fixed price contracts. From this, Patel Singh Associates was born. Mr. Patel’s operating philosophy is simple, listen to what the clients are saying and find common ground where both parties could benefit. In addition, Mr. Singh wanted to provide an environment where clients could transition temporary associates into their full time workforce without any barriers. The combination of these two concepts made the pair, one of the first staffing agencies to have clients hire on at any time without cost.
Over the course of their careers, Mr.’s Patel and Singh have placed in excess of 1,200 temporaries into full time permanent jobs and they are continuously striving to provide the best relationship both for their clients and employees.

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